BWB 6 Course Modules

Below you will find the details of each module of the Business Website Blueprint Course. Each module is a stepping stone towards creating your own website including setting up, designing, optimizing and more!

Module #1 - buying a Domain name & setting up WEBSITE hosting

You will be walked through the process of buying a domain name, choosing and setting up website hosting, setting up an SSL certificate, and much more. 

Module #2 - Introduction to Wordpress

WordPress powers approximately 30% of live websites online, and Google continues to advocate for more sites to use it. This module walks you through all the facets of WordPress.

Module #3 - What type of website should you build & choosing a theme

Here you will be walked through the type of website you should build, how to help your site rank on search engines, an in depth tutorial on WordPress themes, and how to set up multiple themes on your new site.

module #4 - Guide to Website & Graphic design

This module covers website and graphic design, including how to find free images for your site, how to work with each image, and everything you need to make your website beautiful.

module #5 - RANKING on search engines

Learn about the main factors for ranking higher on search engines. This module will walk you through best practices to optimize your website step by step.

module #6 - Guide to Google Analytics, Search Console & Google My Business

In this module you will learn how to set up Google Analytics and Search Console, and a tutorial has been included for each. You will also get a briefing on why Google My Business is important for your site.

Bonus Videos

Bonus #1 - Free Phone Number for Your Business

Bonus #2 - Professional Email for Your Business

Bonus #3 - Basic Keyword Research

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