About the Creator: Meet Cale Loken

I've worked with many businesses that would've rather build their website themselves, if they had the knowledge.  This course gives businesses the opportunity to build their own successful website that they can control.

In the 10 years that I’ve worked in digital marketing I have mainly worked with businesses on overall digital strategy including building their websites and improving their ranking on search engines. I have learned that businesses want to invest in a successful website that ranks well on google and is easy to customize including adding features, content and is easy to scale.

I quickly learned, however, that many businesses don’t have the budget to hire an outside vendor to do the job that they could easily do themselves- if only they knew how. That’s what inspired me to create the Business Website Blueprint course! An easy, step-by-step guide to empower businesses to build their own successful website on their own. This course gives businesses and individuals all the tools they need to manage their online presence and keep up with the heavy demand digital marketing calls for. 

“Some businesses want to build their own, successful website, that they can control, add features and change, without paying large monthly management fees"

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