Making Your WordPress Website Elegant & Clean


How Do You Make Your Website Stand Out?

Design Elements are ImportantI would assume since you are looking to build a WordPress site, you have some type of branding. The best way to make a WordPress website look good is to have a consistent look throughout.

Here are the things you should have to make your WordPress website look good:

You should have solid logo for your brand that represents your brands colors and font.

You should have a main color, secondary color, an accent color and font color. I would suggest four main colors, you can have three or five, but don’t have only a couple or too many.

I would find some free stock images that you could use and give them a tint of the main or secondary color you choose, not through the entire site but on at least half of the images on the website.

You should stick to one or two fonts. If you choose two fonts, have one be the header font and the other be your secondary, content, paragraph font.

The main thing to remember is to keep your brand consistent, that is the key to making your website look good and appealing. There are many options to build a logo, choose colors and fonts. We go through all of these things in the Business Website Blueprint course.


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